Child Proofing Stove Heaters

Wood stove heaters can be great to use in the home – but when you have kids they can quickly become a hazard to have around. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to replace the unit you should learn the best thing to do to keep the heater from doing any damage and to keep your kids away from it.

The best way to child proof the stove heater is to simply keep an eye on your kids. Never leave small children unsupervised in the home or the room with the heater. Turning your back on them for one second is enough time for them to put their hands on it.

When they are still young teach them that the heater is ‘bad’ and can give them an ‘boo boo’. If they try to touch it make sure they are disciplined. They are likely to stay away from it if they get a time out for trying to play with it.

Older kids should understand how dangerous fire can be and the consequences for playing with it in anyway. Trying to shove things inside of it or playing around it should never be done.

Sometimes we are stuck with stubborn children who will try their hardest to get near things that they know we don’t want them near. You can buy a fencing system to go around the whole unit. It should be twenty-four inches tall and far enough from the stove to keep their fingers from reaching through and touching it.

Keep the wood and other tools inside of the fence. Your kids might be curious and try to see how good wood chips will taste.

Make sure that your children are safely in another room or being held by someone when you are stoking or building the fire inside of the stove. They will be drawn to what you are doing.